8 Important Actions to Do After Installing Windows 11

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Whether you reset it or set up a fresh install, there are some important things you should do after installing Windows 11.

Getting started with Windows 11 is pretty easy, but there are some important things to do after installing Windows for the best experience. These take some time to do, but they'll set you up for a hassle-free time with your computer.

Let's take a look at the first things you should do after installing Windows 11. These are essential when installing for the first time, but should also be checked after installing a major feature update or reinstalling a fresh copy of Windows.

1. Run Windows Update and Configure Update Settings

Even if you have just installed Windows 11, there is a chance that some recent updates are pending. To ensure you have the latest features and security patches, you should install them immediately.

To check for Windows updates Settings open the app ( Win + I shortcut or the icon in the Start menu ) and Go to Update & Security > Windows Update .

On this page, Check for updatesClick and wait a moment. After a few moments, it will start downloading and installing updates if needed. If there's anything that requires a reboot, you'll see a prompt to do so.

Windows 11 Update Settings

Windows Update runs automatically in Windows 11. While this means less manual work on your part, it can also be annoying if it bothers you. Learn how to manage Windows Update to keep it running smoothly in the background.

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This is an important thing to do as soon as you install Windows 11; you don't want a poorly timed update to mess up your work.

2. Make Sure Windows Is Activated

Unlike older versions of Windows, Microsoft makes it easy to install Windows 11 on your computer without a valid license. If you didn't enter a license key during the setup process or sign in to a Microsoft account with a digital license, you should activate it now. This gives you access to all functions of Windows 11.

To check if you have activated Windows yet Go to Settings > Update & Security > ActivationWindows activation If you have not done the process, you can perform the Windows activation process by clicking the link.

learn more Our guide to removing the “Activate Windows 11” watermark for look at. You can use Windows 11 without activating it, but there are some limitations.

3. Update Your Hardware Drivers

Windows 11 Driver Update

A device driver is a piece of software that controls and interfaces with how a particular device works when connected to your system. In other words, drivers allow Windows to properly communicate with your computer's hardware.

Drivers are usually provided by hardware manufacturers and, like most software, are not always perfect. Sometimes they are problematic or do not see updates for compatibility with the latest versions of Windows.

You usually don't need to keep a close eye on your drivers; if they work in most cases you don't need to risk breaking things by updating them. However, when you first install Windows, installing the correct drivers is an important step. Windows will install generic drivers for devices like keyboard and mouse on its own, but you should know how to install other essential drivers that need updates.

If you're wondering what drivers to install after installing Windows 11, prioritize your graphics drivers, chipset drivers, and anything else related to custom hardware you trust.

4. Install Basic Windows Software

Windows 10 comes with essential apps for many purposes, but most of the best Windows software is not preinstalled. Windows software everyone should install now We have prepared a complete guide for you.

Take a look at this post for our recommendations in categories like browsers, security, image editing, messaging, and more.

5. Change Default Windows Settings

Windows 11's ready-to-use settings aren't ideal for everyone. They can be used, but you'll probably have a better experience replacing them.

Set Default Windows Apps

Windows 11 settings

After you install your favorite apps, you should set them to run by default. To change the applications that Windows 11 uses for various purposes, do the following:

  • Settings> Applications> Default applications
  • Email , Music player , web browser Choose your preferred apps for each category, including and more.
  • If you want to associate various file types such as PDF, DOCX, and TXT with specific programs, default apps by file type Click choose.
  • Set defaults by app and select an app to see what defaults it currently has and which it can use.

For more help on this To our guide to setting defaults in Windows 10 Look.

Disable Unnecessary Startup Items

Many applications set themselves up to run at startup, which is a waste of resources and takes much longer for your computer to boot up. After installing the software, you should make sure that only the applications you allow are running at startup.

To disable unnecessary startup items in Windows 10:

  • Open the Task Manager. (Ctrl + Shift + Esc or by right-clicking on the taskbar Task Managerchoose which.)
  • To switch to full view if necessary More details Click.
  • Beginning Switch to tab.
  • Right click on each app you don't want to start automatically and to prevent it from launching at startup Disable choose.

Optimize Power Plan Settings

Windows 11's power settings allow you to change various aspects of the operating system including power usage. This is important to help laptop users save battery life, but has useful performance-related settings that apply to desktop users as well.

You can change your power plan using the following steps:

  • Settings > System > Power & sleep
  • On the right, the Control Panel Power options to open the Additional power settings choose . If you don't see this link on the right, Settings Increase the horizontal size of the window.
  • Balanced , Power Saving and High performance You will see a variety of plans to choose from, including Select the plan you want, then change for the right Change plan settings Click.
  • Select the amount of time before the screen turns off and the computer goes to sleep. Then, for more options Change advanced power settings Click.
  • While you can review everything here, hard diskSleepPower buttons and coverCPU power management and Screen Pay special attention to the settings under the categories.
  • To save your changes OK Click.

Review Privacy Settings

Windows 11 collects all kinds of information about how you use the operating system. This helps Microsoft improve the ever-evolving product, but many see it as a privacy breach. Fortunately, you can reduce or disable many telemetry functions.

Enable Night Light

Windows 11 includes a built-in feature that makes your screenshot warmer at night. This helps reduce the blue light that keeps you awake and makes your computer less irritating to your eyes when you're working late.

this much Settings > System > Display You can activate it by visiting Night light Activate the slider and change how it works. night light settings Click . You can adjust the intensity of the effect and set it to run automatically from sunset to sunrise or at certain times of your choosing.

6. Create a Backup Plan

You don't want to do all these Windows installation steps only for your computer to be ruined by malware infection or dead hard drive. It is essential that you back up your data to protect it from these and other dangers.

7. Configure Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender, the built-in antivirus for Windows 11, is good enough for most users. As soon as you install Windows 11, it will protect your computer from all kinds of threats. However, it is wise to review how it works and make changes to increase your computer's resistance to threats.

8. Personalize Windows 11

Although not as important as the steps above, after installing Windows 11, you should take some time to customize your desktop. It's amazing what a new wallpaper, unique mouse cursor, and other little customization tweaks can do to make your system feel right at home.

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