What is a Digital Business Card? How to Create a Digital Business Card?

A digital business card (sometimes called a virtual or electronic business card) is a way to share contact information over the internet. Digital business cards can be created on a desktop computer or mobile device.

How Do Digital Business Cards Work?

A digital business card is a simple way to share your contact information. There are different products to use to create digital business cards.

Do You Need a Digital Business Card?

The purpose of a digital business card is to have a set of information to share with others. Old vcard format, but newer style digital business cards can contain much richer information in a nicer format.

A digital business card is not limited by the size of a physical card, so you can add as much information about your business as you want. People enrich their cards with a photo, logo or links to their social media profile.

You can also have several different digital business cards customized for your business contacts and customers individually, as you don't have to worry about printing costs.

How to Share Your Digital Business Card

digital business cardThere are many different ways to send messages to people. Some online tools create a card that you can attach to the bottom of an email in the form of a signature.

Some people send them as a text or share them using QR codes. Some business card apps even have a feature that allows users to send them to others without having to send a link or code.

What are the Benefits of a Digital Business Card?

The biggest benefit of these business cards is that they are easily editable. Because so much is done electronically these days, you'll never have to worry about running out of stock of business cards you print at a print shop and having to order more. Digital cards are quite flexible. If you change jobs, get a new phone number, or make a typo, a digital business card is easy to edit, saving time and money.

About 90 percent of printed business cards end up in the trash in less than a week, according to findings from software company Adobe. People are not just wasting paper, they are wasting money and effort on something most people don't want.

How to Make a Digital Business Card?

  • There are several methods that can be used to create different types of digital business cards.
  • You can create and export your own digital business card directly from Gmail.
  • Business card creation tools and apps like HiHello are the quickest and easiest options.

To create digital business card free we will explain how you can make digital business card free in Microsoft Word, Google and website.

How Can I Make My Digital Business Card Free Online?

There are many websites and services that can be used to create digital business cards, but we will focus on HiHello.

1. Open your web browser and HiHello go to the website, then create a new account or sign in if you already have one.

How to Make a Digital Business Card

2. To start creating a new digital business card, tap Add Cards (Add Card) Click.

Creating a Digital Business Card

3. You can change the highlight color of the card by clicking the colored dot you want.

You can click on a color of your choice from the color palette to change the theme color of your business card. If the color you want is not in the color palette, you must switch to a paid membership to add the color you want.

4. Enter the information you want your digital business card to display (name, email, etc.)

Digital Business Card Application

5. Add Other Information

Click on the information you want to have on your business card from the options under the Add more Information heading on the right-hand panel. After clicking, scroll down the left side and fill in the relevant section.

Making a Digital Business Card

6. Upload Your Logo

Click on Logo on the color palette to upload your logo. You can search for the logo you want to use in the box that opens, or you can upload a logo from your computer by clicking the upload button.

Design a Digital Business Card

7. Tap to select the image or video you want to be the primary image for your card. Upload a photo or video. Click.

How to Create a Digital Business Card

8. Type a name for your business card in the Card Name box at the top and click the Save button at the bottom. Your new digital business card has been created and can now be shared.

You can share your business card with people with any of the options available under the Send Card heading.

How to Send a Digital Business Card

How to Make a Digital Business Card with GMail?

How to Make a Digital Business Card in Microsoft Word?

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